The Relationship between Principal Self-Efficacy and Campus Accountability Ratings

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This study investigated the relationship between principal self-efficacy and campus accountability rating and whether there were any differences in self-efficacy and outcome expectancy based on campus rating. 29 public school principals in Texas elected to participate in the study which included demographic questions, a question related to outcome expectancy and the 15 questions that comprise the Norwegian Self-Efficacy for Instructional Leadership Scale. Participants were assigned the label of Rated or Not-Rated based on the 2022 campus accountability rating assigned by the state education agency. Independent samples t-tests and biserial point correlation analysis were run to analyze the data. A significant, positive relationship was found between campus accountability rating and self-efficacy building a collective culture. Results approaching significance were identified in multiple areas including the difference in self-efficacy based on gender. No significant difference was noted in the expected outcome for principals of Rated and Not-Rated campuses. The results provide insight on the needs of principals in the areas of school improvement, professional development and principal preparation programs. Keywords: accountability, principal leadership, self-efficacy, campus rating