Teachers' Perceptions on the Effects of Technology Integration in First through Fifth Grade Core Content Classrooms

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Affton Coleman, Teachers’ Perceptions on the Effects of Technology Integration in First Through Fifth Grade Core Content Classrooms. Doctor of Education (Executive Educational Leadership), May 2021, Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas. The purpose of this study is to examine first through fifth-grade teachers’ beliefs regarding whether technology integration relates to increased student academic performance. This study was created to analyze what the most influential factors are when it comes to using technology in the classroom that could increase student academic performance. This study revealed what encouraged teachers most when integrating technology into their instruction. Things that encouraged teachers gave them the knowledge and understanding to implement technology into a lesson with the proper professional development, infrastructure, and training. In this descriptive study, the researcher used a phenomenological qualitative research methodology. The researcher gained knowledge as the participants shared their feelings and described their perceptions from their own experiences. Approximately 40 current elementary school teacher participants in Texas addressed questions on the survey about these factors. The participants were purposefully selected and placed in categories based on their participation using technology and being a part of a district program called Innovate Academy/Level Up program. The instrumentation of the survey showed the variety of participants who gave their perceptions of how integrating technology affected them in the classroom, how it impacted student academic performance, and what programs, if any, were the cause of students excelling. The data collected came from two different means: (a) survey containing demographic questions and likert-type questions and (b) v responses obtained in focus group interviews using the open-ended questions from the survey, as well as allowing participants to orally expand their thoughts through written responses. Information collected from the participants showed how teachers at this school taught evenly between students learning from the teacher directly and using technology as a tool with the curriculum. The participants showed how technology integration impacted student academic performance. Integrating technology has shown how it can be beneficial in so many ways for educators, administrators, students, parents, and society. As we continue to live in a world of constant change, it is shown that people will always need to be lifelong learners for the betterment of themselves and society. Keywords: Engage2Learn, Innovate Academy, Level Up, Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition (SAMR) Model, Technology Integration.